Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My trip IX: A gorgeous catterpilar and a spiny tree

These were on a tree near the swimming pool, and I couldn't get much information about them from anyone. They are enormous, several inches long and frightening-looking! I could not find much in Portuguese but I was successful in English: turns out they are giant caterpillars called Tetrio Sphynx, and they are considered one of the ten most beautiful caterpillars in the world, and they are found in Brazil, Argentina an also Southern FL. They turn into very plain looking moths.

The spiney tree is a Paineira, planted by Mother and sister Marta when they moved to this house 5 years ago. The trunk always fascinates me!

The last picture I took from my spot in the varandah where I said my very-early morning Rosary every day. I wanted to try and preserve the view... the early morning has always been so laden with spiritual moments for me.
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