Monday, June 06, 2011

A nice Brazilian blog

While I was looking for information on the Vatican Bloggers meeting, I came across this beautiful blog of one of the three Brazilians invited to the meeting. A Catholic, pro-life blog, ideal to keep me abreast of relevant issues in my home country.

This blogger wrote an excellent summary of the meeting which was translated into English and referenced by American Catholic bloggers.

Enjoy his article:

A sacred work is completed daily by the Spokesman for the Vatican Fr.
Frederico Lombardi, later, after the celebration of the Holy Mass at
7:30 am, with the help of a blogger (author content published in a
blog) friend of his, Father Lombardi updates himself on the issues
treated in the blogosphere, joined with different blogs that the
priest recognizes, they are very important for society and for the

The revelation was announced by the spokesman for the Vatican on the
afternoon of May 2nd around 150 bloggers of 17 different languages,
invited by the Holy See for an encounter: Vatican Blog Meeting. The
event unedited promoted through the Pontifical Council for Culture and
for Social Communications happened with the participation of four
Brazilian bloggers and was an opportunity of dialogue among the
hierarchy of the Church and the leaders of the digital continent. It
would serve as an example to all the particular Churches to recognize
the contribution of bloggers for developing the public opinion of the
faithful in the Church, something already treated in the conciliar
document on Social Communications, Inter Mirifa (n. 8 and 14)

This conscience is defended by the invitation from Brazil for
participation of the 7th Brazilian Joint Effort of Communication, in
July, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical
Council par Social Communications. After the Vatican Blog Meeting, he
demonstrated the institutional effort for the spokespeople of the
digital culture affirming to L’Osservatore Romano, the journal of the
Holy See, that the blogs are spaces of authenticity and at the same
time of provocation; they help us to grow. They are new possibilities
of human relations, rich dynamics and lively. The announcement of the
Word, mouth to mouth, heart to heart, this is natural to our faith and
a new form of doing this is through the blogs.

During the meeting, in the Vatican, the participants were invited to
reflect on the missionary meaning of the blogs and called to be in
service of humanity freedom to construct community and not to be in
service of themselves. In relation to the dialog with the Church, the
bloggers were reminded that she is not an enemy of them, but a source
of information that tells them to clarify the discourse in public
opinion, seeking the truth in order to avoid confusion, thus ensuring

Thus was spoken of the challenge of a “pastoral 2.0″ that raised the
necessity of formation of “web-agents-pastors” and “web-pastors” able
to dialog with the digital culture to comprehend that the pastoral
activity in the world-wide web of computers is comparable to
construction of a local community. Stimulating once more, the
ecclesial authorities to engage them in the blogging community,
showing thus the desire to evangelize the man immersed in this

For many bloggers that participated in the Vatican Blog Meeting the
moment was considered an homage to Pope John Paul II beatified one day
before the event and considered as the Pope of Communications. It was
he who opened the Church to dialog with the internet, demonstrating to
understand well the need of cultural mediation before the
technological advances of the media of communication of our time.

In this context of recognition, some bloggers began through the
internet a seeking that their patron to become the Beatified Pope John
Paul II the patron of communicators in general. Until this may be
possible the bloggers meeting in the Vatican hoped to foment a
preference to dialogue with the Episcopal Conference meeting local and
national of bloggers in order that the [Vatican] meeting may multiply
itself and generate many good fruits.

*Wagner Moura is author of the pro-life blog and accounts, with the support of
the Archdiocese of Campinas, on participating in the first bloggers
meeting promoted by the Holy See the 2nd of May. He was invited by
the Vatican.


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