Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amazing, special gifts...

My friends on Facebook are familiar with this image. Husband and I are celebrating our silver wedding anniversary this summer and I have had this graphic as my Facebook profile picture for a while. Number Five made the drawing and we worked together on arranging the format of the text. It is based on the image a Benedictine monk made for my parents on the occasion of their silver wedding jubilee. I posted a bit about it here. I am including both our image and the original from my parents.
Well, the other day, at a restaurant with a group of friends, I received two most-unexpected and wonderful gifts: our anniversary graphic engraved in a stone plaque, and a hand-embroidery of it, framed! Needless to say this heart shed some very grateful tears! A very humble and sincere thank you go to Nancy and Jannell!

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