Friday, August 05, 2011

Anniversary Mass

Dearest friend Fr. B. A. came to say a mass for us in the extraordinary form. Numbers Three and Four served, along with friends Austin (MC) and younger servers T.B. and R. P.

Number Seven distributed the mass booklets and programs with her friend H. S. and Numbers Five and Six played piano and organ respectively. Friends Mr. and Mrs. Knutson were schola directors. We are so thankful to all who participated!

It was a beautiful, meaningful, holy and wonderful Holy Mass. May God be praised.

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Brian T. Austin said...

What a delight!

Hopefully, a picture of the beautiful and delicious cake will also be posted!


deb placek said...

how wonderful! congratulations and blessings for many more years!

deb placek said...

how wonderful. prayers for many more blessed years!