Monday, September 05, 2011

Family Camp 2011

We are exhausted and sunburned... and happy Family Camp went wonderfully well again! Gorgeous weather, prayer, games, campfire Rosary, stars, and good friends. A winning recipe!

The top picture is a collage of our many activities. Spiraling from the top left: J. and A. chatting at the parents' usual outdoor hangout area, little Gideon K., Stations of the Cross family hike, Stations again, beautiful Rachel H., Mr and Mrs. H., A. and her wild discovery, families climbing towards the Cross, John S. and his wild discovery, the kids' volleyball team, singing Happy Birthday to Mrs. S. and more parents vs. kids volleyball.

The bottom picture is after Sunday Mass, Fr. A. was our celebrant priest and inspired us with a beautiful sermon on fraternal love and forgiveness.

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