Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Picture Book on Guadalupe

Talking Eagle and the Lady of Roses
by Amy Cordoba and Eugene Gollogly

I don't usually post books with which I may have some quibbles, but this one is a worthy one. This a very nice retelling of the famous, true story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, found by my friend Caitilin at our public library. I recommend the book but must list a couple of quibbles: the bishop of Mexico City at the time is historically documented to have been very kind and generous towards the poor and ignorant Juan Diego, and this book  paints a slightly different story. The second one is found in the Afterword by Eugene Gollogly, which is almost entirely accurate but for the unfortunate linkage of Our Lady's protection and the dissenter Liberation Theology movement, opposed by the Church. If you skip these minor points, enjoy the lovely book!

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