Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More on muffins: a reader's plea

So I received this email yesterday (which is still making me smile) from a faithful Canadian reader:

Ana, posting the chocolate chip muffin photo, sans recipe, was above and beyond the call of duty cruelty.  Please get a minion to post the recipe.  They look wonderful, and Lent is rapidly approaching.  (chocoholics are always on the lookout for the approach of Lent!!) 
As always,
A big Canadian thanks,

  The email, along with my old friend Liz's request in the comments yesterday, urges me to post the recipe without delay!  The muffin is very simple to make and I admit yet again that most times I made it I winged it from a nebulous memory, according to ingredients I had at hand--or didn't have. Number Six says the variations were: we used oil and not melted butter, we doubled it, and we have made it with and without c. chips. I also *always* decrease the soda and add a bit more baking powder (aluminum free). Below is the picture of the recipe she saved on my iPad!

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Liz said...

Yay, thanks, Ana. I look forward to trying them!