Thursday, November 10, 2011


On my last visit to the library, I was delighted to find, with my holds, two of the three books I had requested for purchase! I will return one of them so other patrons can enjoy it, and check it out later. Sigrid Undset's Ida Elizabeth and Michael O'Brien's new book, A Father's Tale. (Sigrid Undset won the 1928 Nobel and found/came into the Church while researching roots of Norwegian Christianity for her masterwork Kristin Lavransdatter, and Michael O'Brien is a Catholic bestseller from Canada).

I will return one of them so other patrons can enjoy it, and check it out later. If you are part of the S. Falls library system, put them on hold! The more holds, the more likely they will be to purchase our suggestions in the future!  To everyone who has duplicated the purchase requests, thanks! There is strength in numbers. (Anytime you request a good book for the library to purchase, let me know and I will duplicate the request as well!)

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