Monday, November 21, 2011

Workbook Update

I lingered longer than I ever wanted in the French Revolution, only to immerse myself into the Napoleonic era... and be brought to tears by the final paragraph of that chapter. On to Romanticism, the changing European political boundaries, the industrial revolution, and now we enter the 20th century.

 The thing about this project is that I am constantly fascinated by the reading, and I love the hours I spend coming up with and writing the students' exercises! Who wouldn't love this work, as it is so enjoyable to read the history of the western Christian world with what is most important in mind: who man truly is, and how in history few, and always the humbler and most forgiving, walking in God's path, are the ones who bring forth the idea of true justice and peace.

Note: my workbooks for Sea to Shining Sea and Light of the Nations Pt 1 are available from the Catholic Textbook Project's site. (I did not write the one for All Ye Lands). I am beginning Chapter 16 as of today of 20 chapters of this volume, should be available in the spring.

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