Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook post from my friend Tintin

He is a wonderful "Facebook friend", posting all sort of interesting stuff about his own fictional character! If you grew up with Tintin, like me, and you are on Facebook, you should most definitely friend him! Today he posted how the recent film has already been nominated for best animated feature. Of course the film has yet to open in the USA, but has been a huge box office hit in Europe and Canada. I have promised my young Lit class that I will take them to the movie!

Also on Facebook I found a post by Tintin on these 1940s Christmas cards made by the Catholic author Herge. Don't you love them? If you want to know more about my love for Tintin, here is what I have blogged in the past abut him including an article I wrote.


Christine said...

Movie tickets for Tintin are going to be in my three eldests' and my husband's stockings. I wish that I could go to, but I will just have to wait until it comes out on blu-ray. My dad already saw it and liked it; although, he said that there is more violence than he remembers in the books. He is the one who shared his love of Tintin with my siblings, me, his sons-in-law, and his grandchildren. My children can't wait for it to open.

Christine said...

Oops, I failed to say, "Thank you for all that you are sharing about the movie."

Susan P. said...

I can't wait for the movie. I'm going to buy the tickets online ahead of time so we can go on opening day! Joyeux Noel!