Monday, December 12, 2011

A pleasant, unexpected email

As I read email this morning, husband and daughter gone already and the day still to begin and dark, I received an unexpected email that filled my eyes with tears and my heart with saudades... I exchanged email with the sender, the UD parent of the boys in the video, twins and classmates of Number Three. Number Three loves his college and mentions often how he is in the right place--it was a hard decision to make since he was accepted at Notre Dame with a nice package to boot--and this sweet video shows it. Ah, to be young, to be in college, to have good friends, to do impromptu music. What a wonderful time of life. We are counting the days for his arrival.

PS: I took the video from my iPad. As it happens, the video he sent me from his MAC played upside down on my screen but correctly on my iPad so I recorded it from the iPad screen.

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