Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some old, some new

The little house I made, following my aunties' homemade pattern, for our first Christmas. Number Five made the cinnamon gingerbread man last week, but the cinnamon heart was made many, many years ago by Aunt Mary, as it was the recycled paper reindeer! Number Six was given the musical note from her chamber's cello player. The papyrus boat came from Husband's trip to Ethiopia, and the beautiful painted egg from his adventures in Hungary. The pretty ceramic Madonna was given by my sister Tereza.The angels, bell, nesting doll and bird were gifts from dear friends... The little boy and girl I hung because it reminds me of Number Two, as it was bought when she was a tiny, lively, beautiful little girl. We love our simple tree and our ornaments--they tell stories of love, of travels, of friends and relatives.

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Wow this post made me smile a lot :)