Sunday, January 15, 2012


My sister Marta has a good friend, Sister Aparecida. She sent me this photo yesterday of the two of them doing what they do best together: laugh!

A little later my Rome Reports email subscriptions sent me a video blurb about Aparecida. 

Aparecida is the largest Marian shrine in the world, and it happens to be in the region of Sao Paulo state where I went to college in Brazil. My whole family saw Pope JPII there, and during college I went there on pilgrimage with good friends. When Pope Benedict went there more recently I was astounded to see that no one--not even well-traveled friend priests-- could tell me the story behind it. Needless to say I also couldn't find a single children's book about it. So the idea was born.

I have written a children's book about the simple story of the humble fisherman and the miraculous catch. It seems that now, with Brazil soaring, its economy booming, and with it hosting several upcoming world events, it may be the time. I have long left this project in the Blessed Mother's loving hands.... and it seems that this is the time. I have begun sending the manuscript out to publishers, and may God's will be done.

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