Saturday, January 07, 2012

Two books

I am grabbed, these days, by two books, and carefully pacing my reading in both instances. One I mentioned at Chritmas, and it is absolutely delightful. P. D. James has the ability to bring up all of Austen's characters impeccably, respectfully, imaginably. Truly I cannot imagine a better-done sequel to the world's favorite novel! As Husband and I are reading it together, and our busy lives intersect, sleeplessly and alone, at minute windows, the delightful reading will continue, piecewise, for a good while longer.

The second is entitled The Third Miracle, written by a journalist, and it is enthralling reading. I cannot say much yet since I am somewhere in the middle of the book-- but as it is said, "so far so good"! The journalist is telling the story of the third miracle needed to be approved by Rome for the canonization of a french nun who came to Indiana some time ago. But to tell the story, he needs to tell many other stories, and he does it masterfully, with heart, with detail, with intelligence.

More on both later.

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