Monday, February 13, 2012

From my friend Sally: an opportunity to serve Gods' little ones!

The first time Sally send a list of the most needed orphans they went just like that. For exactly $20 monthly you can provide educational support to these little ones of God. This is how we met and chose Agnes and Barbara! I simply set up a monthly check from my bank's page to Sally and she sends it all to Uganda. Sally and I go back a long way, we were fast and wonderful friends when we met in KS some 20 years ago, our husbands both professors, our oldest kids still little, we as young mothers thirsting for like-minded, family-centered support. Sally's son also went to Notre Dame like our kids, and last summer he went to Uganda for a summer of service, and that is how Sally got involved in helping the orphans. Please consider skipping one trip to a fast food restaurant a month and making a difference in real lives!


Susan Simon said...

Susan Simon We are the new, grateful sponsors of two of them. The kids are sure we have 11 children now!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Our kids have one more thing in common then! Tessie and Maria always remember them at prayer time! Thanks, Susan! Who did you pick?

Susan Simon said...

Prossy and Hamis. We could not resist Prossy after yesterday's Gospel reading as she suffers leprosy.