Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Teachers' Appreciation Dinner

There were seventeen of us at the restaurant to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! Don't fooled by the pictures to think we were tame and quiet. We were a loud, joyful crowd, and we closed the restaurant. They food was fantastic, the conversation wonderful, and we were invited to return!

Thinking back to conversation themes: during the evening I heard the following topics: Hungarian geography, drama, the wars of the 20th century, the makings of a script-writing workshop, the Crusades, craft-making, books, someone's upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, recipes, decisions of both buying and selling homes, colleges, grown-up children, young children, new babies' names. Just to name a few. Get a bunch of homeschool moms together, and the sky is the limit!


Ann K. said...

Thank you Ana for organizing this. The food was indeed delicious & the conversations were soothing to the soul. Well, mostly soothing except for the fact that NO ONE wanted to take a planner to organize their homeshooling day:) That brought a bit of anxiety.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful fellowship within SMF. The world needs more of this. Any ideas how that could get started or are we just too busy as a society to even consider taking time to develop theses types of relationships?

I personally got to catch up with Tracey Merrill & see Germaine (who is looking lovely and anxious to meet the new baby)! We all laughed - that's about it. It was a success by all standards!!!!

Thanks my point of view. Hope to do this again reeeeaaaallll soon,


K.K. said...

Katie Feller Koep looks/ sounds like a wonderful time! - wish I had been there! (what a great idea to celebrate Catholic schools week that way!)