Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thoughtful gifts

My creative and productive and dear friend Jannell has been making slippers out of recycled sweaters she finds in thrift shops... she made these for me from an old cashmere sweater and truly, my feet have never been so comfy and warm! I absolutely love the idea--true recycling! And so, so pretty with the ribbon embroidery!

And then there is my friend Caitilin, perhaps the best gift-giver friend I have ever had. Caitilin takes gift-giving seriously, and behind each gift she gives there is thought, and a sacrificial dimension. On a recent trip to the Caribbean with her husband she brought me not only a package of guava-paste (I grew up with it, so yummy with fresh white cheese, a dessert we call in Brazil "Rome & Juliet") but also a lovely decade-rosary made of the local seeds!

Thank you from the undeserving depths of my heart, and may the Lord, in His Infinite Wisdom and Love, bless you abundantly today and always!

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