Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Russia reports

We finished the chapter on Russia in History and the students presented their reports yesterday. We heard about Ivan the Terrible, Vladimir, Nicholas the Last Czar, Peter the Great, the Communist Revolution, and the events in Fatima concerning Russia. The students got creative and brought a large colored map of Russia and its neighbors, a hand drawn picture of Ivan the terrible and... Russian Chocolate Cake!

The large map was worked on by Number Seven (who was absent) with the help of her sister who presented it to the class. We used Wonder Maps, given to me as a gift from Bright Ideas press on the occasion of my winning the Blog Award. I must say that s a fantastic product, allowing maps of any part of the world to be printed with many levels of information and in any possible size!

An interesting item Number Six and I found while researching Fatima was this Timeline from EWTN.

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