Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cleaning days

The Brazilian "Pasta Cristal Rosa" is called by the kids "the Brazilian magic stuff" as nothing can match its power. I think it works the same way as the Norwex cleaning paste, as all it is is a little soap and oil and very, very finely ground hard stone. Brazil's geology is very old and granite, marble etc is abundant and cheap (if you pay a lot for it it is the transportation and polishing labor, not the stone itself). Pots and pans are cleaned with this paste in Brazil with this until they shine like you wouldn't believe. The big difference between mine and the Norwex one is... about $30. :-) Yep, it's less than one dollar in Brazil and available in any little grocery store there.

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Sarah Lee said...

The cleaning days... I have gotten great help from my new automatic vacuum cleaner and my newly found "hubby", though the latter one is not as effective as the first one ;)