Saturday, June 23, 2012

On missing my Mamae..

Yesterday it would have been her birthday, and I thought much of her... I woke up with one of these intense dreams... she had fallen, and I held her, her body frail and weak. She cried. It took me a while to come to, to separate myself from the dream, it was so vivid, she was so close. Dreams are like a bridge between here and where she is, perhaps?

The more, longer I live, the more I think of how fortunate I was to have had her as a mother. Her teaching me to be always better, closer to God, has continued in my life through my memory of her, and through prayer, and will go on until the day I die. Truly there hardly goes a day when some facet of her practical, loving ways doesn't come to mind. Thank You, Mamae!


Jannell said...

Our Mothers are a great gift from God. Much love to you, and appreciation to her for the wonderful daughter she helped raise.

annie h said...

Beautiful! That's just how I felt about my mom too - and miss her so much everyday (and my dad also).

Candise and Crew said...

Life is interesting with its losses and gains. What a beautiful blessing that you can interweave the two. And how awesome that the Holy Spirit sent you a lovely dream/interaction with your Mom.
Candise & Crew