Sunday, July 22, 2012


While Number Two slept, Number Seven came up with this story, complete with text and photos:

Babe got in a gymnastics accident and had to go to the hospital. He broke 2 legs and fractured 1. He had to get a wheelchair because he couldn't lift himself with 1 leg and his tail. His wheelchair and cast are made of: 8 waffle blocks 1 waffle block car 2 of Isabel's belts and a long cloth bandage.

Oh my goodness my eyes were teary when I received it on the iPhone dowsntairs. To be reminded that there is still a loving child in the house. Number Seven is an incredible, amazing little person. She has a heart and observation capabilities I have seldom, seldom seen. I enjoy her presence and her ways so do immensely. We are so so lucky to have her.

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