Thursday, August 09, 2012

A great saint is honored today

Husband and I found a biography of her at a book sale, of whom we knew nothing, more than fifteen years ago. We read it together, fell in love with the story of the brilliant, intellectual saint: her growing years, her graduate research, her overnight conversion to Church upon reading Teresa of Avila, her death in Auschwitz. And we named our last little girl, aka Number Seven, after her Carmelite name: Theresa Benedicta.

We wrote, had it apporved by the good Fr. Baker,  and have said this prayer though the years: 

Oh dear Saint Edith Stein,Whose Love for God in this this life grew to complete self abandonment,Whose courageous death in Auschwitz is an inspiration for all Christians,We humbly ask that you take this petition to Our Lord,With Whom you live in eternal bliss.Please pray for us, help us grow in holiness,and see more clearly His Will for us.
Here is  a brief and great piece on her today at Word on Fire Ministries

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