Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The new Zita book is here!

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl  by Ben Hatke.
2012 First Second Books

We fell in love with Zita for many reasons: first of all Zita is good, brave, kind and cute! Then the characters created by Ben are unique, original and hilarious! The story is fast-paced and very adventurous! The art is wonderful: Ben is a fantastic, talented and solid artist.

We had pre-ordered the second volume and it arrived yesterday! Number Seven was so excited! She read it from cover to cover and then came to me exclaiming I must read it as well. Thank you Ben Hatke for the wonderful time spent together with my daughter last night. We read if aloud and stopped to enjoy all of the intricacies of the artwork. Number Seven is very artistic and loves creating her comics characters, and nothing escaped her. She also got the first Zita and compared the two. After we were done she went on Ben's blog to find out about the third Zita!

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