Saturday, October 20, 2012

My sister's new book

I just received it! Oh, what pleasure to read such beautiful written text, such profound insights on the Brazilian thinker and author, and a plethora of quotes and excerpts of his great work to boot. Her book would be better entitled, she says, "The Quotable Corção", had Portuguese an equivalent expression.

I blogged about her first book about Gustavo Corção here. I remember him at our house when I was little, we called him tio (uncle).  He was an engineer who underwent a deep conversion in his young adulthood and spent the rest of his life writing about all sorts of things relevant to the Christian heart.

I am both so proud and humbled by my sisters' work! In the rare occasions I have thought of my life as a single person, I have always thought of having joined a community religious life--- aah, the delights of listening to the bell ring for one's meals, prayer, bedtime. The organized, peaceful life where there is order and time for everything ... a life a mother and wife seldom has. If not that life, I have envied my sister.... the life that studies, teaches, and produces gems such as this. How beautifully fruitful, my little sister Marta's life, that touches so many through her writing, and especially through her teaching and inspiring so many young seminarians!

Thank you for the precious gift, dearest sister.

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