Monday, November 19, 2012

A very-musical Sunday!

It was a busy and musical Sunday afternoon, starting with the Mass of Thanksgiving for the canonization of Saint Kateri. The two presiding deacons were Native American. The bishop of Fairbanks, Alaska was present as his diocese also has a large contingent of Native American faithful. Number Six sang with the
Youth Schola and at least one of the Hymns was especially arranged for the occasion. A statue of the new saint was blessed. I have loved her story since I was very young and it was a joyful celebration for all present!
From there we dashed to the high school where Number Five was singing and accompanying the Concert Choir in a performance joined by the two regional collegiate choirs. The photo is grainy but it shows her being recognized by the choir director.
The last photo shows Number Six and friend Katie B. playing a duet at a piano recital. Her mother and friend S. was kind to send me a picture, as we may be getting very good at attending musical events in a row, but haven't figured out how to be in two places at once yet!

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