Thursday, November 01, 2012

On the Feast of All Saints

There is no church like my Church: rich and poor, young and old, side by side on our knees adoring the Real Presence, taking time in the middle of the busy day to touch Truth and Beauty... The joyful Mexican nuns, the business men, the moms and toddlers, all enjoying the gorgeous organ-playing and sung propers... Happy Feast of All Saints! May we all strive to be one of them: in the homily, the bishop told the story of a little girl who saw the saints through the stain glass windows and told her mom: "Saints are those people who let the light shine through them"!

Lord, please help me let your light shine through me.

(Picture: Number Six saying her after-mass Hail mary and enjoyign her brand new veil from Veils by Lily! She is preparing for confirmation with our Latin Mass community.)

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