Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trip to Brazil 2

These pictures are from a shopping trip in Itaipava, a location loved by people from Rio who have mountain homes nearby. My sister took me to this art shop called "Reciclarte" where all handmade gifts were made of recycled materials at least partially. The owner was very sweet and we spend some time there. It was a rainy afternoon but I stepped outside to take some outdoor pics. My sisters Marta ( No.10) and Maria Madalena (No. 4) are pictured with the store's owner. I purchased the beautiful depiction of the Holy Spirit in wood on a background of local, colored seeds. This popular depiction of the Holy Spirit, locally called Amor Divino, or Divino for short, seems to stem from the Portuguese statue of Our Lady of the Divine Love brought up the mountains in the 1600s (pictures below) as I posted here. I enjoy the profound theology of a popular referring of the Holy Spirit as "Divine Love"!

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