Tuesday, December 04, 2012

On reviewing books for Amazon

Last night I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I had been savoring a new chapter of the latest Alexander McCall Smith title in his academic series starring a hopelessly self-centered professor of philology. There is no other author who can make me laugh so heartily as McCall Smith. In this volume, the fourth of the series, the professor is being set up with a wealthy widow by the institute's director... With the hope of marriage. Which at this point in the book is still only a hope, mind you. I read very little at a time: don't we do this with what is really a savoring treasure? A nice box of fine chocolates... We eat a little one at a time.

This title, along with another title of another series by McCall Smith, are two of the most recent books I have been sent by Amazon.com for review. I was invited by Amazon to be a reviewer for them a few years ago, but I must say the reviews I am usually passionate about are the ones I write just because I want to write them... In this case, these two titles were available in the list sent to me to choose from, and I as so happy to see latest titles from a favorite author there! As it is, and I have already told Husband this, I will finish this book, write a review, and wrap it up for him for Christmas. After all, this a gift completely from me to him!

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