Thursday, January 31, 2013

Government Field Trip

Yesterday Number Six took these photos with her camera during Mrs. G.'s class Field Trip to our state capital, Pierre, three hours away. The class has been a wealth of delight and knowledge. She uses ABEka Government text, (complemented bu Church teachings provided by official materials) recommended for 12th grade, but she has students from 8th grade and up in the class. They do all of the reading at home and discuss/have quizzes/student presentations in class at the public library on Tuesdays. Mrs. G. has had several guest speakers including the diocesan attorney for pro life issues, a magistrate from Iowa and a political candidate who was homeschooling herself. The class was able to met with two of the guest speakers as they were in Pierre for the Legislature! Each student was also assigned to pick and follow a bill--it all can be done online. Our Number Six has learned so much about how government works and even if she didn't think she'd like "government" she has greatly enjoyed the class!

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Candise and Crew said...

What a large group! Hopefully some of them will be bitten by the political bug! (We use the same book and try to schedule it during an election year. Consequently, Reid is knee deep in ABkea Am. Govt as we speak.)
Candise & Crew