Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letters from our SOVCO sponsored girls

We received these hand-written, beautiful letters from our sponsored Uganda girls through SOVCO, Agnes and Barbra. We pray for them every night and our monetary contributions ($20 per month per child) go towards their education expenses. SOVCO children are either orphans or are in vulnerable family situations.

We found out about his heaven-sent opportunity through our good friend Sally Rich who is the USA liaison for SOVCO. Sally is an old friend from Husband's post-doc days in KS, we met at the playground with our little ones often and talked about world-changing ideals while changing diapers, finding creative ways to make ends meet, and sewing together. When we took Number Two to begin her studies at Notre Dame, we had a delightful  re-encounter with the Rich Family who lives in Indiana. As they came to visit campus  their son decided to attend Notre Dame as well. Through Notre Dame, he found himself doing volunteer work in Africa under a priest who helps SOVCO. And that's how Sally got involved with SOVCO!

God works in wonderful ways! I had been wanting to do something like this since I came across a similar organization when Number Three was a newborn. Alas... it was never the right time and the expenses were always beyond our means. I have spread the news on how easily and cheaply we can all make a difference for a child, and I am delighted to say that many of our friends have joined in! Sally can always use more sponsors! Please visit their website and contact Sally with any questions if you are interested.

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