Thursday, February 21, 2013


Number Seven's homework this week is to write Haikus over the literature series they are reading in class. In our library coop classes, she is reading the series Little Britches. Actually we are all listening to it and I have fallen in love with it. Talk about character formation! And the way the author brings the world of the western ranchers in Colorado--outstanding. Every child should read these wonderful books!

Well, to join in the homework  Number Six and I wrote haiku on books as well, I did one on the latest book by McCall Smith on the unfortunate and hilarious adventures of the self-centered academic Professor in Unusual Uses of Olive Oil, and Number Six wrote on her current reading of Herodotus' The Histories.

Herodotus' The Histories

I find them
Stories from cultures
Near and far

McCall Smith Olive Oil

Poor von Igelfeld
He's so vain, yet so clueless
He should find a wife

Ralph Moody's Little Britches

Written by Number Six:

Ralph Moody
Learned to ride horses
Hi taught him

Written by Number Seven:

Ralph, Grace, Phillip, Hal,
Muriel, Duck Legs, Lady
Mother and Father

Ralph Moody
Was a horse rider
A good one

Ralph Moody
lived on a ranch
Then he moved

Ralph and Fanny horse
Loved to herd cows on the ranch
With Hi the Cowboy

Finally, I must add the art work Number Seven made about the book! The scene is from the first book as Ralph is considering teaching his older sister Grace to ride...

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