Friday, March 08, 2013

Almost time for Real Estate Season

So it begins again, the "real estate" season. God was so good to allow to be here for another season... I realize I wasn't ready to let go yet. We have had two interested parties wanting more information our property recently, even before we listed it anywhere, and I went to look for pictures of our years here. 

We have had such a wonderful life here! We will always so many fabulous memories. I have learned so, so very much: abut gardening  and seasons, about planting berries, and making jam, and about trees and flowers and birds! I've learned about the stars, about St. Lawrence's tears, and about pioneer history. I've learned how to plant, pick and process corn, about how to prune my tea roses and how to feed them. I've learned all about chickens and eggs of which I knew nothing before! I've learned about how we plant potatoes on Good Friday and how we leave them under the ground until late fall. And about how much water sweet potatoes need. And so, so much more. Applesauce, prepared horseradish, garlic scapes... and the list goes on and on.

Acreage life taught me to be in much more awe at the immensely complexity, order and beauty of the natural world.


We don't know what will happen next. After a little investigating, we plan to try to sell it on our own this season as we enjoy talking to the potential buyers directly. We are in no hurry as we want to be here until summer ends and, well, we don't really need to move. But at the same time we have come to see that Husband's reasons for moving closer to campus are more than reasonable, and we remember that with every move there is interior growth, and opportunities to exercise family love. 


Lucky7 said...

So beautiful!

Liz said...

It IS so beautiful, Ana, and you have such an amazing talent in your arrangement of your photos. It's just gorgeous! Liz