Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two winning daughters

It was a busy weekend! Both Numbers Five and Six came home with trophies! Number Five won the First Prize at the Sioux Falls Grant Piano Competitions, performing Gershwin, Chopin and Debussy

Number Six won First Place in the written part of the State Spelling Bee, and won a trophy, but unfortunately she was one of the first to miss a word in the oral spelldown. She missed "dissect"--she spelled it with just one "S". She said later that she did not know the word.  To think of the interminable lists of incredibly difficult words that she nailed at home...  She is an incredible young person, and her composure and positive attitude rooting for the others taught me a lesson. I was sad, but she is so matter of fact! Her diligence and sportsmanship will come to help her so much in life.

At the heart of the busy, competitive weekend, is the fact that Husband and I are proud of our daughters for reasons beyond their display-able trophies. They both exhibit virtue and maturity beyond their years, certainly beyond anything we could be proud of in ourselves at their young age. Their faithfulness  hard-work and composure--their humility and maturity--these are the qualities that will take them with a heart rooted in Love through this life. We are profoundly proud and grateful for being their parents.