Saturday, April 20, 2013

Basic Logic

So there has been a murder trial on a "doctor" whose House of Horrors activities spooks anyone. One very loud fact coming from this development is the media blackout. Until last week there wasn't one major media outlet reporting on it. Outrage over this shameful fact has been all over the internet and now there is some reporting on the gruesome trial.

I have been thinking that it takes rather simple, primary-level Logic to understand this.
1. The vast majority of major media staff is pro-abortion.
2. The House of Horrors trial is about how babies were brutally murdered in failed abortions.
3. To cover this trial, one would have to visit the brutal murder abortion actually is--most especially third trimester abortion. (The only difference between Murder and Legal Abortion is the fact that these babies were no longer in the womb. Had they been still  in the womb, there would be no murder trial, never mind the fact that there were still brutally murdered.)
4. At the trial, the major media seats were empty.
May God help us.

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