Monday, May 13, 2013

A wonderful Mother's Day!

What a wonderful day I had yesterday! Number Six made delicious blueberry muffins and Number Five made her signature eggs for breakfast! Number Five also presented me with a gorgeous "petals" bowl she made at Pottery at school! Number One FaceTimed in the morning and we spent a long time talking--he also talked with every one of his younger siblings!  He is doing well but hasn't made a final decision on living quarters yet: as his company provides him with a nice apartment for a while he has time to find something suitable. Number Two and Othman sent a cute Video Message and we watched it at our favorite Asian restaurant. We all got to go to mass together, and in the afternoon we were able to enjoy the warm, sunny day by doing some gardening together  Numbers Six and Seven planted a whole bed of green beans thinking of Number Two who adores them! Number Seven gave me the cutest-ever hand-painted card and a darling gift she made at coop! She also helped mow the lawn for the first time! (Also, to settle my mother's heart, Husband got some new boots for Number Four, who has a heavy-outside-work summer job and in one week destroyed his only pair of sneakers.)

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Cecilia Kane said...

Gorgeous pics! Happy Mothers Day my second favorite mom in the world. Love Ceal