Friday, May 10, 2013


Eighteen years ago the most delightful baby came to our family! Happy Birthday dearest Number Five! She was the happiest baby, she walked before 11 months and had 11 teeth by her first birthday! As soon as she could talk she started cleaning and organizing the home and telling the boys to clean their room. Always lovingly so! A perpetual smile on the face, a superb student and a talented musician... her best trait is her sweet, cheerful disposition and the ability to get everyone working happily around her!
I thank God for the privilege of having raised her! Truly I have learned much more from her than taught her! Happy Birthday dearest daughter, and you will shine in all your future plans, because you shine inside! 


#2 said...

a beautiful and very appropriate homage to the Isa we all love!! have a wonderful, wonderful day dear sister!!

gmh said...

Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!