Saturday, May 18, 2013

The last Garden Season

It was a good thing we put our acreage on the market in early April and got under contract shortly after that. I just came back from an early morning walk and took some pictures--unfortunately just had the iPhone in hand--and I wondered how difficult it would be to have the property on the market now. The Apple blossoms are so beautifully sweet, the goldfinches are everywhere, dotting the greenness with yellow-gold pearls! And then I stopped in the small garden I'm putting in with the girls' assistance. The raspberries seem so happy and promise a bounty this year! I have salad greens, onions, basil and bush beans in... Last night I got eggplant and zucchini plants, and today I will put in the peppers and tomatoes. Hard to believe after eight years of enjoying this magnificent soil this is my last garden season here... Perhaps if we had found a place already it would be easier. We are gearing more and more towards renting a while so we make sure we have time to find the right place!

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