Saturday, June 15, 2013

Writing on Learning Geography

Busy today wrapping up a project for Maureen Wittman of Homeschool Connections. I was invited to write a chapter for her upcoming project: a book  filled with "Why learn..." chapters! Different authors will explore reasons our children should learn a myriad of academic areas. I was asked to write on Geography and was so delighted to accept, geography being a personal favorite since childhood!

Geography is everywhere, of course. In Literature, history, tourism, even in the planning of our daily lives. The ramifications are almost endless with the social and important issues of our world today, plus the fast-developing technologies that bring geographical power to our hands, anywhere, anytime. 

As I write the article, local geography becomes alive as I use GoogleMaps to explore new properties coming on the market... It's a new house-hunting world!

So... Back to work for me! Wish me luck!

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