Friday, July 12, 2013

Shakespeare Camp Day 4

Today there is a caption contest... leave a comment or email me. (I am also posting it on Facebook so you can also leave a facebook comment.)

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Jannell S said...

That 8-times- around-the- bat- on-the- ground- with-your-forehead- touching-it and- then- say- your- lines-double-time thing is taking it a bit far, do you not agree?

Facebook Comments said...

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MacBeth Derham Marry, here's grace and a cod-piece; that's a wise man and a fool. (Sorry...had to...)
July 12 at 8:36am · Like · 3

Caitilin Kane I'm going with MacBeth's!
July 12 at 8:45am · Like

Lisa Nehring The sky is falling, turkey lurkey. I must run and tell the king!
July 12 at 8:46am · Like · 1

Suzanne Temple As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.
July 12 at 8:47am · Like · 2

Ana Braga-Henebry Let's soak in the secret-memorization-sunbeam for another thirty seconds before we sneak backstage to play some more Frisbee!
July 12 at 8:49am · Like · 3

Katie Andreas Jacob: Wow, look at Bob climb that tree! Impressive. Luke: Bob, if you fall I will kill you.
July 12 at 10:51am via mobile · Unlike · 4

Derek Earl its all over my head : it makes me mad!..."it would help if i could see what you are talking about"
21 hours ago · Unlike · 2