Thursday, August 01, 2013

A good book is hard to find

Husband has been taking about this favorite book of his for years, and we have started listening to it together recently on Audible. The trip to and MN had us digging deeper into the beautifully narrated story of Guy Crouchback, the protagonist of this war-time masterpiece by Evelyn Waugh.

It is a trilogy and we are still in the first volume, but Audible has a three-into-one version that is working well for us.

Why does a book of war-time England win my heart when so many don't? It is not England and not war-time. Period or setting doesn't make a good book. Waugh chose those because good writers choose backgrounds they are intimately familiar with.

It is the heart in it. The beauty of the human heart when it lives turned to God. How disconcerting Goodness and Beauty can be to the small-minded. How the gems of truth and joy in life come unexpected, in small, unimportant moments.

Today I am so thankful to Husband for choosing good books and inviting me to join in.

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