Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bridal Shower

The shower earlier today was hosted by the generous, sweet friend Jannell at her beautiful home. She greeted us by presenting her homemade gifts of her unique...  Books Initials! Games were organized by Nancy and we had to put our thinking hats on to come up with things in many categories starting with the letters in the bride's name! The bride-to-be also had to guess correctly the answers to many questions that fiance sent via email. For each wrong one, she had to add a party hat. (It may look like she got many wrong but she actually impressed us on how accurate she was!)

...And of course there were many pictures: Number Five posed with L., daughter of the hostess, and I love the beautiful picture of their friendship that is lasting for eight long years already! I also had to add one of the "other" Janel... a wonderful friend I just don't get to see that often! And also the last one, a fun photo that both girls liked.


Cecilia Kane said...

pics aren't working :(

Jannell said...

We love you all and were so glad to be avle to share in your joy in this way!