Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exploring Catholic Literature

This arrived yesterday and I knew very little about it. I can't even remember exactly how I came across it--the ways of the Internet are intricate--but I do remember thinking this is good...  Opening it it was a nice surprise after another! At first glance the words in the introduction ringed true and beautiful. Then there were the selections: the expected Saint Augustine, and Dante, but some unknown to me sandwiched here and there, and towards the end of the chronologically-ordered titles both Hopkins and Flannery O'Connor, and Sigrid Undset too! Then there is the UD professor (where Number Three attends college) praising it on the back cover, and to top it all off , the book is written by a UST  professor (where Number Five is about to start college).

No, I haven't really started reading it, but what a joy to begin a book on literary criticism that we already know will be good and open new insights into authors we already love... and introduce us to authors to-be-loved!

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