Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last morning at the garden

I just came in from what is likely to be the last garden session here. Ever. I was covered in dirt, and happy I didn't have my fingernails done yesterday at our salon session with the "bridal party" (aka my four daughters). Number Four was my faithful helper, and as usual we worked while listening to an Audible title on my iPhone hooked up to a $10 plastic amplifier. We found eggplant, and green beans, besides what is in the photo taken by Number Five. And we ate the last and delicious raspberries. I also found flowers that I will cut on the morning of the wedding for the church.

Last things can be bittersweet. But they can also be too busy and practical for any moping to happen. It is important to me that the new owners get garden beds that have being "put to bed" so they will not need to worry about them until next spring. it doesn't look like I will be gardening next spring so I will look for other things to be busy with!
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