Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Micro-Vacation

We left Friday mid-day and enjoyed the beautiful trip to the Twin Cities from here, as it is not Interstate and it crosses beautiful scenery. At Mall of America college-bound Number Five took advantage of the prices and availability for some last wardrobe additions, and Number Seven had four hours in the amusement park as it was her first time riding a roller coaster! Early this morning we breakfasted at the hotel and joined the college-moving-in crowds at UST. What a bunch of nice, helpful kids, parents and siblings! Number Five seemed completely at home already by the time we left... and as usual, I am happy to report, Husband and I behaved quite well as we said our farewells. I cried a little much later, as truly I don't know how I will live without her... she has such a sunshine-personality, always helpful and positive! And yet we couldn't be happier for her! So this was our micro-vacation of the summer, just the four of us!

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Number Seven said...

that was the best evening I've ever had at a mall!!!! -Number Seven!