Thursday, August 08, 2013

Planning the 2013-2014 School Year

This year is a year of changes for us. Many changes. I catch myself already trying to explain the whirlwind we are going through in our Christmas letter come December. The documentary-writer in me...

So... in the middle of preparing for a move, continued house-hunting, getting Number Five off to college, and getting ready for our first child's wedding, I am also planning next school year. 

Number Six will enjoy several online classes. I am so thankful they are available! She will do Algebra via University of Nebraska home-school program and continue with her French 2 studies with Rolling Acres School.  She will take Kolbe Academy's Physical Science online as well as a couple of Homeschool Connections courses in Fiction Writing and History. The History course will use the excellent Catholic Textbook Project books and will be taught by author Christoper Zehnder.  Her other courses will be Latin 3 at the Catholic school as it is once weekly and we will drive here for it, and a Great Books Lit Guide published by Angelicum Academy. She will also enjoy electives in Art, Logic and Shakespeare.

Number Seven will go to school this year. We are moving to much smaller town and all they have is one middle school. This will be very new for all of us, and Husband and I believe it will be a positive step for  her in many ways. So... who knows what this semester will bring.

I ask God, Father of Infinite Wisdom, that He continues to guide us and help us.

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