Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Afternoon at the Art Museum

The first fall days have been absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm. Our friends the S. and G. families came to visit the SDSU Art Museum with us. We started by admiring the famous original by Harvey Dunn, a painting that is so unbelievably powerful. The girls were amazed at the thickness of the layers of oil paint on the canvas. (I blogged about the McCrory Gardens and the sculpture based on this painting a while back).
We admired some other beautiful paintings and visited this season's exhibit of Paul Goble's originals, a children's book illustrator and Caldecott-winner. He was from England but spent time in South Dakota. The exhibit was very nicely put together. Then we visited the faculty work, and the dads had some modern-art fun.
We walked to the Agricultural Heritage Museum afterwords (no photos) and then in front of Woodbine Cottage--the home of the SDSU president, and finally in front of Wecota Hall--the beautiful building that houses Husband's office.

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lovelovelove the "dads" picture!