Saturday, September 21, 2013

Life with Number Seven

I remember reading the Laura Ingalls books and noticing how incredibly well she dealt with life transitions in The Shores of The Silver Lake... Here we are near the shores of the very same glacier lakes of this region, and our youngest girl is going through the same transitions in so many ways.

Number Seven is slowly-but-surely settling into a new life--and discovering many sweet things about it. Her time with her beloved bird in the mornings has very recently turned into a homework-poem:

ocky Little girlblivious of outsideurious about usK ind of sassylways adorableimid around strangersI love my little birdxtraordinarily beautifulittle best friend of mine

Then last night we went to Husband's department annual picnic at beautiful Oakwood Lakes State Park and she was delighted to be in such a wonderful place. And of course she found a new frog-friend.

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