Saturday, October 12, 2013

A love for animals

Number Seven is the newest "pet-level" member of the regional Humane Society. She happily spent quite a bit of time there today, and plans to be a frequent volunteer.

Her love for animals is inherited from both sides--Husband' sister Susan is the Gainesville, TX Zoo director, and together with her husband they own and run Animal Edutainment/Critterman, which receives multiple, annual awards in the DFW area. On my side, my dear Mother, may God rest her soul, was an animal lover, and of all of my siblings, my sister Margo was the one who most inherited those genes. She and mom's eyes would shine around animals, and the creatures, large and small, would come to them so easily. There is a magical "Doolittle" facet in animal-people. A God-Given gift, I believe, to understand and love animals in a way beyond we, common people, are able to do. I am delighted to see one of our own children developing this gift. 

Number Two is very similar, but her allergies make it impossible for her to be around many furry things.... although we heard recently the newly married couple adopted a turtle!
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