Wednesday, October 02, 2013

School days

So Number Seven is well into her second month at school. This week is some sort of spirit week and today it is "Western Wednesday"... Some good things? Nice friends, girls she befriended at our parish here before school started, at the summer camp Totus Tuus. She has also finally figured out how to choose her items at lunch efficiently. She has permission from the art teacher to go to the Art class during Study Hall, which isn't called that but SI--Student Improvement. She excels in Geography as we have studied geography every single year in our homeschool--while the seventh grade kids in school are seeing geography for the first time. She likes her Girls' Choir and the director who is very sweet, and she was one of the few called back to audition for State Choir. She has gotten the homework routine down and has been reading much more consistently as Reading is an important subject. Also, we choose books together so we are all very happy.

So school isn't perfect, but we are enjoying the many positives!


J.C. said...

Yes, there are certainly pro's and con's to both traditional school and home schooling! What lead you all to the decision to send your daughter to school?

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks for the comment, JC. There were many things, including academic and social, we are already considering part time next year.