Sunday, November 03, 2013

On young friendship

It is easy still for me to remember the friendships of my youth. There is something so incredibly genuine and beautiful about friendship during adolescence. Friendships are perhaps even more important later in life, when the trials become more severe, and the crosses heavier. But the friendships in adolescence have a glow of genuine love--and of possibilities--like no other time in life.

This photo was taken after the funeral dinner yesterday: the photo depicts two pairs of siblings, a young man who is now the head of his household due the sudden loss of his dear father, and a girl whose 16th birthday came as her friends cried for their loss. Such is life: the celebrations and hopes of life and death follow one another, and the great number of loving young people present there yesterday, of which this group in the photo is but a very-small sample, attest to the Love, Faith and Hope reigning in the heart  of the Christian family.
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